Child’s Story: 

Adrian has had many challenges in her life from birth. She was overdue and in the 2 weeks between 40 and 42, she developed hydrocephalus which damaged her brain. The next day, they put in a shunt and we’ve lived life as it comes ever since. 11 consequent diagnosis, countless surgeries, hospitalizations, and procedures, a stroke last year and a global pandemic this year, she is still as loving as ever. She is regressing due to both atrophy from the stroke and lack of intervention due to her weakened immune system and exposure to COVID-19. She doesn’t understand what is happening and because of frustration and change in routine, her self injurious behaviors went up but she is a trooper and she is adapting as we try to find our new normal. Through it all, no matter what she is feeling she always has a hug (blows kisses for the time being) for everyone she sees.


She mostly watches the Simpsons and sleeps these days being stuck in the house because of her immune system. She loves listening to music and making music.


Adrian needs an iPad to replace the one that was lost at her day program so she can safely participate in activities and communicate with the outside community. She also needs an iPad to do her CVI(vision), speech, and hearing therapy apps in the home. We’re hoping for help towards the purchase of one. The latest offer from Amazon is: Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) – Gold (Latest Model, 8th Generation)

Adrian wants to go out to “meet peeps” when I ask her, meaning see her day program friends. She is struggling with the necessary changes due to COVID-19 and doesn’t understand why her routine has changed so drastically.