Female, 17 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Brianah was born with spina bifida and 3 weeks old had a shunt placed into her brain. We were told that she would never walk and be mentally retarded but God can change things! She started walking with the use of afos and a child’s medical Walker. At 4 years old she started walking with crutches full time and could not only walk but could run jump play soccer and do anything her cousins did. She walked with her crutches until she was 12 but had to start using her wheelchair full time after few began.   Brianah has adhd, ocd, spd, anxiety, among other issues.  She is still the happiest girl you’ll ever meet!


Brianah absolutely loves animals! She loves dogs horses rabbits cats birds turtles frogs you name it she loves it.  She also loves to swim because in a swimming pool she can walk by herself nothing or no one helping her!


Brianah needs short sleeve to three-quarter length sleeve shirts. She loves the Blessed girl T-shirts; she needs skirts with an elastic waistband; skorts with elastic waistband; needs panties; socks of different colors so she can mismatch them. She loves Villa Rica wildcats and Georgia bulldogs. Her favorite colors are pink purple red teal

She would like a set of weights to keep her arms strong and any kind of equipment to keep her ABS strong.

She loves board games and I found several on Amazon that I thought she would like I sent an email to West Georgia elves with pictures of these as well. Kids against maturity. 5 second rule game. Rummicube. Frozen 2 don’t break the ice. Headbadz. Uno flip. Perfection. Guess in 10 from animal planet. The upside down challenge..

She also loves earrings  and bracelets…. well actually jewelry of any kind.