Male, 6 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Easton is the younger brother to Camden, who is in a wheelchair. He is very loving and protective of his brother. He helps him when he can and loves to play with him. He is very creative and finds all kinds of ways for them to play together! He is also very patient and understanding of all Camden’s needs. Easton is a fun-loving and funny 6 year old. He loves his brother and enjoys playing video games with him. He likes being outdoors and playing any sport he can. He played baseball last spring and flag football this fall. He likes riding his bike, too.


Easton loves using his imagination to play! He is obsessed with Thomas the Train & Pokémon cards. He has recently gotten into building with Legos and is very good at following the instructions. He loves to play outside and ride his bike or play in the sandbox.


Shoes that velcro; socks & underwear; pjs ; clothing – he prefers athletic clothing with elastic waists; great clips gift card for haircuts; bike helmet for 6 yr old (28 in).

Bluetooth speaker for his room; Thomas Train trackmaster train shooting star Gordon (at Walmart); GI Joe or Army men and/or playsets; Lego set; Pokémon cards and binders to hold them; child size basketball; nerf gun.