12 yrs

Child’s Story:

Joey B’s brother. Loving, Caring smart boy who love sports. Willing to help others. Alway thinking and have good answers to anyone’s question, Loves to eat and trying new food. Growth for his age is outstanding.. Favorite sport is Football! I can see him in the NFL in the years to come. I will be his number one Cheerleader.


Football, Basket ball, Drawing, Cooking, Swimming, Movies, Church, Reading,



Church Shoes, Men Sneakers, Men T-shirts, Men Jeans, Undershirts, Men socks, Button down Men sweaters, Black Hoodie with zipper, Men Coat, Men Winter Hats and Scarfs set, Men sweatsuit set, Twin bed Comforter and Sheet set, Adult Backpack

Roller Blades, TV, DVD Player, Art drawing set, Clarinet, Football, Bible audio DVD, Water bottles with a handle

Family Needs:

King size Comforter and bed sheets set, Towel set, Dishes set, Pots and pans set, Forks spoon and knifes set, Baking Set