13 yrs

Child’s Story:

La’Miyah is with the Asthma high risk clinic with CHOA been battling it ever since the age of 2mnths . She’s taking so many medications along with allergy injection and fasenra injection . This is her last year of middle school and it’s extremely hard for her to do work without a computer . She’s on the dance team for her school now , her first year of actually dancing since her bad asthma attack that landed her into ICU back in 2015 .


Dancing , painting and drawing . Making slime


Coat, shoes, clothes , socks , underwear , undershirts, a book “the hate you give “,bike , sweater , school supplies favorite color is blue and purple

Slime kit , sketching kit , nail art kit , painting kit

Family Needs:

Coats 3x woman , plates , cups , eating utensils , blankets towels wash clothes ,