16 yrs

Child’s Story:

Maddy is Jason’s older sister. She is very smart and funny and loves protecting her younger brothers. She has asthma but does not let it stop her from working out, training, and playing high school soccer. She wants to go to med school so she can be a special needs pediatrician so she can help  children like her brother.


Maddy loves drama and chorus and is the Varsity Soccer Goalie for her high school. She is an avid reader always has a book in her hand. She is going to go to med school when she graduates high school. She is already taking college classes and in her sopho


Shoes, Bras/sports bras, Pajamas, Workout tops and pants for soccer practice, Women’s socks, Winter boots

Gift card to Barnes and noble, Rue 21, ITunes

Ross, five below or Ollie’s.

Makeup in browns and creams and greens

Earrings and costume jewelry

Humorous sayings hoodie (will run for tacos, butterbeer made me do it etc. )

The Flash Tv series DVD

Seasons 3 and up of the Arrow Tv series DVD

Family Needs:

We r really hurting financially and could really use food and gas cards.