2 yrs

Child’s Story:

O’Mere was diagnosed with Sickle Cell SS at the age of 6mnths . He’s spent sleepless nights in the hospital , spent his 1st and 2nd Birthday in the hospital . He had an splenectomy in 12/08/2017 . Hopefully he gets on the bone marrow transplant list when he turns 4 to get him cured from wicked disease . He’s always in pain especially when the weather changes . Hit or cold will get him sick and he ends up in the hospital



Writing and playing with chalk , coloring


Shoes, clothes, socks , he loves anything paw patrol , booster seat , undershirts , sweaters , coat , blankets , pull-ups , wipes , writing pads , coloring books crayons and bike

Drawing chalk board . Toys

Family Needs:

Microwave , plates , cup , eating utensils