9 yrs

Child’s Story:

Joey B’s sister, Sharnel is a special needs girl who loves to do everything under the sun. She has a chronic Lung disease and is very smart girl. we are very proud of her and she brighten our day everyday.


Reading, Singing, Drawing, Writing, Dancing, Gymnastic, Riding bike, help Cooking.



Church Shoes, 2 Sneakers, Girls T-shirts, Girl Casual Pants, Girls Jeans, Undershirts, Socks, Girls tank top,  Girls Button down Sweaters, Girls different color baseball hats, 1 Black and 1 Red Hoodie with zipper size, Girls Coat, Girls rain coat

Roller Skates, Easy Bake cup cake maker or Oven, Snow Cone machine with syrup, DVD player, Children Bible Audio DVD story, Girls Comfy Cushion Chair. Children books for Girls age 9.

Family Needs: