10 yrs

Child’s Story:

I learned I was pregnant with Triston on Valentine’s Day in the hospital after being prepared for spinal surgery after a very bad car accident caused me spinal damage. I carried him as long as I could on a traumatically injured spine. He was a preemie. When Triston was born he had a stroke during the delivery and came out weighing 4 lbs. The stroke caused facial paralysis on the right side of his face. It also messed with some of the wiring in his brain resulting in him having ADHD and ODD or oppositional defiance disorder. He has been tested as smarter than 95% of the children in the state of Georgia but often has trouble adjusting to a classroom and teachers. He is very loving and wants to help out all the time especially if you’re cooking or fixing something. He loves his special needs brother Jason and his older sister Maddy and is often trying to get them to play a new game he has invented!


Triston loves playing outside doing all the normal boy things like riding his bike, playing all sports, collecting Pokémon cards and playing with his brother.  He loves to learn new things especially if it requires him to take apart items and put them bac


Shoes, Raincoat, Jeans, Book bag with multiple sections, Socks, Sweaters, Digital plug in Clock for bedside, Boxer briefs, Pajamas

DVD Hotel Transylvania 3 & Christopher Robin

A stuffed Mega Charizard X from Pokémon on (Ebay)

Pokémon cards and movies

A camera He wants to be a wildlife photographer

Skateboard and helmet for 10yr old

Knee pads and elbow pads

Family Needs:

We’re really hurting financially right now and it is a struggle to buy food and gas for the cars.