Male, 6 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Born at 26 weeks, one of twins. He weighed only 21 ounces.  Other twin is healthy so birth parents kept him.  They gave Blake up so he could be cared for by experienced parents.  He has CP, but is walking now but not long distances (tires too easily).  Uses a wheel chair also.  Has a thryoid condition but it is improving.  He has some hearing loss and vision issues. He is fed entirely through a G Tube in his stomach and has a Trach he breathes through.  He is now up to 44 pounds so he is finally on the 50 %,  Yay!


He loves going to school.  Loves watching football with dad.  Loves playing with anything musical or that lights up.


Long pants with elastic waist; Long sleeve t shirts; long pajama bottoms.

A tricycle that plays music or with a horn…he loves music and sounds.