Blake J

23 yrs

Child’s Story:

Blake J is getting worse each year he was just hospitalized in August with pneumonia and pneubnomis, where he stayed 2 weeks. Blake is is struggling to survive this year with a lot of complications with his lung disease. Blake has seizures frequently and is a quadriplegic and is on and breathing machine, feeding tube, and needs to be suction. Blake live at home with his parents and little brother david . Blake can not walk or talk and is in a hospital bed and is 24 hour care. Blake is loved.


Watch tv , exercising, road trips playing with his dog. Spent time with family


A new gel mattress pad and topper pillows, t-shirt, socks, pajamas, a swinging hammock , case of Gatorade. Bed sheets

Swinging hammock . Clothes

Family Needs:

Laundry detergent, air freshener ,bleach , pots and pan set