Female, 16 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Brianah was born with spina bifida and later developed hydrocephalus because of her spina bifida. She had surgery at 3 weeks to have a VP shunt put in your brain to drain the fluid from her hydrocephalus.  I was told Brianah would be mentally retarded and never walk. We were in the middle of Revival at our Church wh we found out Brianah was gonna be born with Spina Bifida. We were told she had moderate to  severe hydrocephalusand her lesion  from her Spina Bifida was high. The higher the lesion the more severe the lower  it is the better. We saw the sonogram pictures of her fluid on her brain! It was bad! Before church was over we asked for prayer for my unborn child. We were told she would be mentally retarded and never walk. Let me tell y’all! Brianah was born with NO signs ohydrocephalus and her spina bifida was LOWER! The Dr’s weren’t wrong, God performed a miracle!  Brianah walked with thesis of braces on her feet and forearm crutches until the age of 12 and went into a wheelchair full-time after. But God is still God and He is still working on her! Oh, and she is on grade level at school with some special Ed classes but she is far from mentally retarded. She is a 10th grader at VRHS. She does have really bad anxiety but has her service dog to help her. She is ADHD and a little OCD with a Sensory Processing Disorder to boot. But she is one of the sweetest and friendliest girls you’ll ever meet!   She has to catheterize herself to pee and to poop she had a surgical procedure called the MACE (search Google).  Brianah just had surgery on her foot for a pressure sore and is having to wear a wound VAC for 6 weeks.


Brianah likes to do anything she can make with her hands. She loves all crafts. She loves to paint! She loves to sing and she loves watching YouTube.


Blessed Girl T-shirts (long or short sleeves); Panties; Skirts with elastic waist; Socks-ankle; Silly socks or lots of colors to mix (She doesn’t like to wear matching socks); Long shirts; Electric toothbrush; water pik flosser.

Girls Legos; Pine & River Chilled Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket; She loves dogs, especially Bback labs and miniature Schnauzers; She loves horses, all kinds; Her favorite colors are pink, red, and tye dye; She loves anything and everything Georgia Bulldogs;  She loves all kinds of bracelets;  Rainbow Loom and storage case; I know this is probably not something y’all can get but I’m gonna put it on here anyway (maybe someone has a used one they are willing to part with) Happybuy Three Tricycle Single Speed Size Cruise Bike 20in Trike with Bell Brake System Cruiser; Sunlite Adjustable Heel & Toe Support; Clothes for her doll size 0-3 months with long sleeves – She is crazy about her baby and takes her everywhere!  I’m just giving a lot of ideas so y’all know what she wants and likes.