14 yrs

Child’s Story:

Connor was diagnosed with T cell leukemia (it’s a blood cancer) in 2013. He had to have chemotherapy for 3 &1/2 years. Connor is still in remission from cancer Prasie  God. But he started having seizures after treatment ended & was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  The chemo caused Connor to have nerve damage in his lower legs & hips & he goes to therapy weekly. He always stay positive through every obstacle that comes his way.  God has really Blessed Connor & our family


Playing games, playing basketball

Camping, & fishing


Socks, Sleeping shorts, House slippers. Athletic pants, T shirts

Remote control truck, Xbox one game NBA 2K19, Boxing gloves &’punching bag, Big pillow & soft blanket, Basketball, Nike shirts and shorts, Xbox one card

Family Needs: