Male, 15 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Damian Jr is an inspiration to many. He is a fun, energetic, gifted 15 year old with a joy for God & people. Damian has an extensive history of complex medical conditions. He experienced a global brain injury at birth, which has resulted in Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder, Visual impairment, hearing loss and a host of other medical conditions. Despite the list of diagnoses he continues to overcome and shine in this world.


Bowling, Anything music, Playing Adaptive Sports, Sports Games, Swimming, Engaging with people, Watching musicals


1- SmartKnit Adult AFO Interface, Seamless Sensitivity Socks (White, Black, or Grey Regular), 2 – Elastic Waist Pants –

Blue jean, Khaki, Black , 3 – Elastic Athletic Pants , 4 – Long sleeve Dress and Casual Shirts, 5 – Paper Products (spoons, straws, clorox wipes, sturdy paper towels, freezer bags, storage bags), 6 – Cotton Colored Bandanas , 7 – Young Men’s Devotional , 8 – Skull Cap – Black orBlue, 9 – Nightwear pant sets.

1 – Movies – Mulan, Mary Poppins Returns, new Aladdin

 2 – Juice Extractor

 3 – Art supplies