Male, 5 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Easton is the younger sibling of Camden, who has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. He is a sweet child who loves to laugh and play, and is a great helper to his big brother. They play video games and app games on the iPad together almost daily.


Easton loves playing with trains and cars! Thomas is his absolute favorite, with Spider-Man a close second. He has a huge imagination and loves to build things with legos, blocks, train tracks, pillows, anything! He also plays baseball and is involved in cub scouts.


Pj’s –




Tennis shoes

House shoes or fuzzy socks

Zip up jackets or hoodies

Outdoor toys (nothing big, just small items to get us outside. Ball, bubbles, chalk, etc.)

Anything Thomas!  Haha

He likes the trackmaster type that are motorized. He has asked for Ashima and Gordon and extra tracks to build with.

Nerf gun and extra bullets

Hot wheels track builder vehicle launch kit

Secret life of pets 2 or Lego Movie 2

Moon sand

UGA or Braves clothing

Cowboy boots and hat

A tablet or Ipad (he currently shares his brother’s and wants his own, but this is not a big priority in our eyes)