12 yrs

Child’s Story:

Jason was born very sick unable to eat by himself. He was 4 lbs and constantly in and out of the hospital until the drs finally started getting answers about what was wrong around 1 year of age. They discovered he has 9 different medical conditions that have almost cost him his life 5 times now. He is immunodeficient, has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, koolen-dvries syndrome, Crohn’s disease, chromosome 17 deletion, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis has had his large intestines and rectum removed, and has a feeding tube to name some. He is such a loving, kind, caring boy who loves to laugh and make others laugh too. He has non stop talked since he was able to start talking around age 5 even though it is still hard to understand what he is trying to say sometimes. He has to have school and all his therapies at our house because germs from the school and children and people in general could kill him. He has to wear a mask and gloves when ever he leaves the house to protect him. He loves his brother and sister and his dog Habano.


He loves playing on his PS3 and IPAD 2. He loves listening to music, going to baseball and hockey games, & playing with his younger brother. He loves the color orange all things Star Wars and Avengers and wishes he could play sports like the other kids. H


Kimberly-Clark child face masks (Ebay has)

Cotton gloves several pairs

Hand sanitizer mini Lysol purse sprays and large bottles of Lysol


Clorox wipes

Shoes with orange on them please

Long sleeve shirts and pants (pull on or elastic no buttons or

PS3 LEGO Indiana Jones game

Kinnect for PS3

Dvds: incredibles 2, Avengers infinity Wars, jungle book 2

GC to Game Stop or Walmart for games

Anything Star Wars, Avengers

Family Needs:

We have been really hurting financially since Stephen lost his job and it is becoming harder and harder to buy food and put gas in the cars.