Joey B

18 yrs

Child’s Story:

Joey has cru de chat, and cerebral palsy, he also has a G-tube and has a colostomy bag. Joey uses a wheel chair. He’s very loving and sweet. He likes toys and games that he can feel and touch. We love him so very much. Joey can not walk and he loves to rock in a rocking chair .


Rolling on Floor, listening to radio, watching TV. playing with Sensor toys.


Church Shoes, Sneakers, T-shirts, Casual Pants, Jeans, Undershirts, Socks, Button down Sweaters, Red Hoodie with zipper, Coat, Boys Winter Hats, Twin bed, Twin bed sheet set, 2 Twin bed safety side rails, Special Needs Stroller, Diapers, Wipes, Disposable

Special needs toys, Hand Sensor toys, TV, Fluffy Area rug, Children Bible DVD story, DVD Player, Bedroom Lamp.


Family Needs:

King size Comforter/Sheet set, Towels set, Dishes Set Red, Pots and Pans set. Forks Spoon and Knife set, Kitchen Towel set, Beige and White set. Electric Kettle.