7 yrs

Child’s Story:

Kristopher is the brother of Kennedi and was born a year later.  He is a normal rambunctious boy into everything and loves all sports.  He is really smart boy and an excellent reader.  We want to keep him interested in learning and try to push him to keep his mind open to learning about new things and possibilities.


playing video games, learning about the solar system and the different continents and countries and loves soccer and is really quite good at it and loves sports


Clothies and shoes

He wants a bumblebee transformer lego toy, one two switch nintendo, telescope (no specific size)

Family Needs:

Kennedi’s mom is a twin with her aunt.  This February her mom had multiple strokes and has not been able to work and she was the bread winner in the house.  So any assistance is needed and appreciated at this time.  Nothing is too small.