Female, 17 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Madison is the older sister of Jason and Triston. Maddy has overcome childhood seizures and with that come out of her shell to become a truly beautiful person inside and out. She is funny and silly, smart, and strong. She is so full of life and loves children.


Maddy plays varsity soccer as the goalie; she loves drama and chorus and hanging with her friends. Madison wants to go to medical school to become a pediatric immunologist to help children like her brother.


Women’s socks, Sports bras, Sneakers , Soccer goalie gloves, Soccer cleats, Yoga pants, Winter coat.

Gift cards to: rue 21, Barnes &Noble, iTunes, Bath&Body works, and Amazon or EBAY

Trust in the Lord 4 silver bangle set Groupon

Heartbeat bangle Groupon or Ebay

Invisalign teeth align system

Gift cards for gas to get back and forth to school