Female, 20 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Tatiana is a delightful ,amazing young lady who was born at 29 weeks, weighing a mere 2lbs 10 ounces. She has grown up to be such a happy, strong beacon of light despite her many challenges and daily obstacles, She has cerebral palsy, vision impairment, confined to a wheelchair and is 100% dependent on others for all of her needs.  She manages to begin each day with a beautiful smile and laughter and reminds us everyday of how blessed we are!


Listening to music and Audible books, going shopping, being pampered , family time, sleeping in late


Pajamas, button up sweaters or poncho, bedsheet set, bath towel sets, body wash, disposable adult wipes/washclothes

Portable threshold wheelchair ramp (width 36 inch doorway); white sneakers; Amazon or Walgreens giftcard.