Male, 11 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Triston is Jason’s younger brother. Triston was a premie weighing barely 4lbs. When he was born he had a stroke and it has affected the left side of his face and mouth. Luckily it is really only noticeable when he smiles or cries the left side of his face droops. The stroke caused Triston to have ADHD and ODD. He is very smart but struggles with keeping his attention focused and keeping calm. 


Triston loves to read. He is always wanting to go to the library to get new books. He loves playing sports and listening to music on his ipod. He likes all things Pokémon. He is very smart and very loving. He loves to help out our neighbors. He loves going to the movies and eating candy, candy, candy!! Black is his favorite color right now.


Boys ankle socks, Boys boxers or boxer-briefs, Boys sneakers, Uniform pants in khaki, black, blue, green or grey; Sweaters and long sleeve shirts.

Skateboard with helmet and knee and elbow pads.

Black guitar with design on it.

Gift cards for game stop, iTunes, and Ebay

Shazam DVD

Rick Rordan Percy Jackson book series…. Except: blood of Olympus and Throne of fire He has those two.

A Target for bows and arrows

Pokémon stuff. Litton, MEW2, Mega Charizard, and EVEE are his favorite characters.