Male, 4 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Atlas is a lovely, easygoing kid who loves music. He does not walk/crawl/sit independently/feed himself/hold onto or explore objects/talk/communicate in any systematic way. He does, however, have a huge smile and a contagious laugh. He certainly is a pleasure to be around.


Atlas loves listening to music. He also loves playing music (ie. banging on the piano or drums). Atlas enjoys being outdoors and being stimulated by different sounds.


Shoes that fit over his AFOs (Atlas’s shoes must be wide enough to fit over his AFOs); Adaptive clothing; Bodysuit; Adaptive Pants; Adaptive scissors (so he can participate more fully in craft activities and his Pre-K curriculum); Diapers Size 5

Unscented Wipes; Hair care including shampoo/conditioner. Atlas has very, very curly hair and the Mixed Chicks hair care line works well for his mixed, curly hair (links below)

1. A family membership for Atlanta Zoo ($139.00) (walking around and hearing/seeing the different animals would be stimulating for him); A fish tank for home  (I would get GloFish since they are colorful and bright – Atlas has a cortical visual impairment, so the motion and brightness of the fish would be perfect for him)