Female, 10 yrs

Child’s Story: 

 In late 2010 Faryn was born at 24 weeks and 5 days weighing 1.1 pounds, just 15 weeks and 2 days shy of being full term. Following her birth, Faryn was immediately intubated allowing machines to breathe for her since her lungs were to weak and premature to do it for her. All of her bodily functions were maintained by machines; heated bed to her her maintain her body temperature, machines to her breathe, machines to help her eat, etc…. Over the course of her life Faryn has battled pneumonia, medically induced coma, infections, illnesses and numerous set backs. Her first surgery at three months old to prevent her from going blind was just the first of many. Over the last 10 years Faryn has had numerous minor and major surgeries including but not limited to airway broncs, ear-tubes placements, fundoplication, tracheostomy surgery and major surgery on her airway in hope of decannulation. Unfortunately, the airway reconstructive surgery failed and we only have one real choice left which is a more invasive surgery.  Recently, faryn under went a sleep study in the hopes the trache could be removed this year but we were extremely surprised to discovered she failed the study ultimately meaning we have to wait another year for  decannulation while determining why she failed in the first place.  Faryns motor and social skills  have greatly improved but we are still working on her feeding and eating skills. Due the fact that Faryns lungs work three times harder than a child her age and the fact that she is very active affects her weight. At 10 years old Faryn completed the intense 8 week  feeding therapy program at the Marcus Autism Center and is doing great. She is chewing and accepting new foods. She sometime regresses and wants to be pureed food but still its a major hurdle she is working thru.  While Faryn is a smart, happy and independent child who has overcome major life hurdles, we still have a long way to go. This past year she has dealt with bullying from other kids in class. Shes become less social and withdrawn as a result. We are working her her assertiveness, her abilty to stand up for herself and recognize when kids and adults are being mean to her.


Reading, Writing and Coloring. Making music, playing piano and video. She likes making and recording videos. She like telling jokes. Playing in Bathtub so bathtoys. doing her american girl hair and playing with her cats


Shirts, Pants, Training Bras, Underwear, Tshirts, Socks, Shoes, Twin bed Sheets

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate Picture Puzzle; Cool Maker JoJo Siwa Bow Maker; Sharper Image Pixie Cruise Remote Control Car; Nintendo Switch Lite Console Coral; Odd Squad Agents Handbook; Anything Unicorns

Anything American Girl Doll- cloths, accessories; Anything JoJo Siwa; Goosebumps books