Female, 6 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Hypatia is an incredibly patient, caring, and loving older sister to her brother who has profound (dis)abilities. Her compassion and commitment to inclusion and advocacy for her brother defies her young age of just 6 years. She is very mature, kind-hearted, silly and such a lovely and fun person to be around


Hypatia loves artistic hobbies (drawing, painting, and she is very much into fashion design). She also enjoys being outdoors, going on picnics, and dancing.


New Balance running/walking shoes.; Children’s dictionary; Jeans or leggings; Bodywash; BPA-free Water bottle

Roller skates; Fashion design sketchbook (link below); Nontraditional Art Supplies (such as sketching supplies, oil pastels, Kwik Stix, Sharpies; Fun hair accessories