Child’s Story: 

Born at 23 weeks, weighing 21 ounces, to a drug addicted mom who loved him very much.  She knew she could not care for him so she gave him up. We brought him home from the hospital when we almost 6 months old weighing less than 7 pounds.  On his 1st birthday he weighed only 11 pounds.  Today he weighs around 175 pounds.  He was on oxygen, a feeding tube and an apnea montitor for about 3 years.  He got off all of them and now no longer uses any medical equipment except the wheel chair, and the suction machine as needed.  He has CP, seizures and sleep apnea.  He is able to feed himself now but food must be prepared for him.  We have full legal guardianship of him (we adopted him in 2001) as he is unable to make decisions concerning his care, finances, medical, etc.


He loves making lists…or rather have us making them for him….10 times a day.  He loves going in the van anywhere.  He is so bored being at home all the time.  We are working on getting his waiver (which was approved 2 years ago but we are still on the waiting list) so he can have some in home help with his care and also outside activities and perhaps schooling since he has aged out of school.  He asks every day if he can go to school.


Long pants (any color).  He does not do well in jeans but other types are really comfortable. Golf type shirts…….any colors.

He loves gift cards:  Arbys, McDonald’s, Burger King, Bo Jangles ( his newest love), Wal Mart and Kroger…..he loves to shop for groceries.