Male, 12 yrs

Child’s Story: 

Triston is the youngest of my three children and Jason’s younger brother. Triston had a stroke when he was born and has paralysis on one side of his face. It has also caused him to have ADHD and ODD. He is very smart and loves to read. His favorite author is Rick Roridan.


Triston loves to take things apart and try to put them back together or make something new. He loves photography and wants to be a wildlife photographer when he grows up. He like playing outside and listening to music. He loves Netflix and Disney +!


Long sleeve shirts and sweaters, jeans and pants, socks, a child’s computer desk and chair for his online digital learning classes.  Maybe a lamp to go on it for reading light please he had one but it fell and broke.

Miles Morales Black Spider-Man comic books, EBay gift card, Barnes and Noble gift card, he loves Pokémon and power rangers, the colors red and black, and wants a tetherball set from Hey! Play! On Wayfair for $30.99. He loves hoodies and baseball type hats.