Male, 13 yrs

Child’s Story: 

He has high functioning autism so he gets fixated on a few certain things to peek his interest. Anime. Drawing. Drawing anime and bc we live so far from others he communicates with his friends from school playing fortnite.


He’s very much so into art and drawing. It’s a way for self expression to him. He likes board games for older kids and card games.

 He also loves fortnite.

 He enjoys fishing and camping as well


Hoodie; Boxers not briefss; Sweatshirt; Shirts. Athletic pants; Tall socks; High top sneakers

Bracelet , Size 10 men’s ring; He’d like a new xbox controller or gift card to game stop; He’s really into anime. Specifically my hero academia and Naruto. He is still at an age where he would like action figures or merchandise from those two shows. A new queen size bedding set in blues, reds, or black. No floral print. Something simple for a teenage boy.